Conference at the American University of Cairo!

Un mondo libero dalle droghe

On Monday 18th February 2013, Narconon Egypt President Nour Salah held a conference at the American University of the capital city of Egypt, Cairo.

The lecture was done by request of a Professor of that University, a psychology teacher, who would like his students to know better the matter, listening to a competent person in that field.

This conference was attended by 20 students of age between 18 and 22. They listened to Nours’ words with a lot of interest and asking questions.

Nour talked about all the fundamental topics covering in this way the entire matter: what is a drug, why some people abuse drugs, why they can’t stop drugs, the relashionship between drugs and media and a thorough analysis of the current Egyptian street names of drugs.

Then, the kids were asked to do some simple drill to be able to confront another person, whoever he/she is. This was done because one of the issues that can bring to drug addiction is the fact of not being able to feel comfortable among other people without using drugs.

At the end of the lecture the kids filled a survey which had positive results.

You can read one of them by clicking on the images under here!

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